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Upstart: How China Became a Great Power
Online Appendices

Welcome to the online appendix page for my latest book, Upstart, forthcoming from Oxford University Press. Below you will find a number of appendices containing data on China's foreign policy, military, and economic activities. You will also find an additional appendix that contains hundreds of Chinese-language sources I have used in my manuscript. 

Foreign Policy (Chapters 2 & 3)

The foreign policy chapters of my book discuss China's efforts to emulate and exploit the United States' own approach to foreign policy.


Below you can download data on:

  • China's conflict mediation activities [Appendix] [Map]

  • Xi Jinping's visits by region [Appendix]

  • US Presidents visits by region [Appendix]

  • China's strategic partnerships (战略伙伴)[Appendix]

  • China's leadership positions in international institution [Appendix]

  • Countries by region that have received Chinese internal police training [Appendix]


Military (Chapters 4 & 5)

Chapters 4 and 5 of my book discuss China's attempts to model the PLA off the United States military, particularly what they describe as the Pentagon's use of "informatized" (信息化)warfare. These chapters' appendices include data on China's efforts to use peacekeeping operations and humanitarian missions for both training and soft power purposes. 

Below you can download data on:

  • Peacekeeping Operations (PKO) Missions [Appendix]

  • Humanitarian and Disaster Relief (HADR) Activities [Appendix]

Economics (Chapters 6 & 7)

My book concludes by turning to China's economic strength. Whereas the foreign policy and military threat posed by China has something of an analogue in the US' Cold War with the Soviet Union, China's sheer economic might and position within global supply chains simply has no precedent in modern American history. With that in mind, I have gathered data on China's efforts to emulate the US' own position within global finance. 

Below you can download data on:

  • United States Currency Swap Agreements, past and present [Appendix]

  • Chinese swap agreements [Appendix]

  • Reserve currency status over time, 2000-2023 [Appendix]

  • Chinese Oil Suppliers and Aid Recipients [Appendix]


Chinese Sources

While researching and writing my book, I endeavored to make extensive use of Chinese-language sources. With that in mind, I led a research team to pore over hundreds of sources to get a sense of what Chinese Party-state leaders, academics, and military officers believe about the issues I discuss. 

The appendix, available for download here, lists 800+ such sources. The appendix is sorted by genre and contains four major sections:

  • Books

  • Journal Articles and Dissertations

  • Government Publications and Websites

  • News and Commentary

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