Oriana Skylar Mastro is a Center Fellow at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies at Stanford University where her research focuses on Chinese military and security policy, Asia-Pacific security issues, war termination, and coercive diplomacy. She is also

Foreign and Defense Policy Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and an inaugural Wilson Center China Fellow. She continues to serve in the United States Air Force Reserve for which she works as a strategic planner at INDOPACOM J56. For her contributions to U.S. strategy in Asia, she won the Individual Reservist of the Year Award in 2016. She has published widely, including in Foreign Affairs, International Security, International Studies Review, Journal of Strategic Studies, The Washington Quarterly, The National Interest, Survival, and Asian Security, and is the author of The Costs of Conversation: Obstacles to Peace Talks in Wartime, (Cornell University Press, 2019). She holds a B.A. in East Asian Studies from Stanford University and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Politics from Princeton University. Her publications and other commentary can be found on twitter @osmastro and www.orianaskylarmastro.com.

梅慧琳博士是斯坦福大学弗里曼斯波利(Freeman Spogli) 国际问题研究院的研究员,主




2016年获得预备役杰出个人奖之殊荣。梅博士常在《外交事务(Foreign Affairs)》、《国际安全(International Security)》、《国际研究评论(International Studies Review)》、《战略学学刊(Journal of Strategic Studies)》、《华盛顿季刊(The Washington Quarterly)》、《国家利益(The National Interest)》、《存续(Survival)》和《亚洲安全(Asian Security)》等期刊广泛发表评论,并著有《对话的代价:战时和平谈判之障碍》(普利斯顿大学出版社,2019)一书。梅博士在斯坦佛大学获得东亚研究学士学位,并在普利斯顿大学获得政治学硕士和博士学位。需要了解梅博士著作和评论以及近况的可访问她的推特(@osmastro)和个人网站(www.orianaskylarmastro.com)。

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