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The soft war that America is losing (Australian Financial Review, January, 2021)

The Soft War that America is Losing (Australia Financial Review, January 2021)

website formiche 151.JPG
The Reasons to Keep the Protests Low
(Formiche 151, October 2019)
Dangers of a Doctrine of Patriotism 
(The Hill, September 2018) 
Is this the Beginning of a New Cold War? 
(Chinafile, December 2018)
Xi Jinping and Kim Jong Un Keep Meeting—Here's Why
(The National Interest, June 2018)
The Big Winner of the Singapore Summit
(Foreign Affairs, June 2018)
Can China Stop Wars Once They Start?
(Lawfare Blog, May 2018)
China's Role in North Korea Contingencies
(USCC Hearing, April 2018)
What China Gained from Hosting Kim Jong Un
(Foreign Affairs, April 2018)
Why Xi Jinping Wants to Broker the Trump-Kim Deal
(The National Interest, March 2018)
Countering Chinese Coercion: The Case of Doklam (War on the Rocks, August 2017)

Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore

What Trump Means for China
(Asia Unbound, December 2016)
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